who i am.

i'm the girl that thrives on rhythm, and music.
the girl who hates doing school, but loves to learn.
the girl who seriously doesn't care if her outfit doesn't perfectly match.
the girl that wears plaid shirts, and gym shorts. 
but not together 'cause that would actually fall into her little category of things that don't match.
the girl who writes music, plays music, and loves music. 
the girl who writes, reads, and blogs. 
the girl who loves cold weather, 
and loves being out in the rain. 
the girl who sings in the shower, and all around the house,
but can barely sing in front of her friends. 
the girl with the sassy and sarcastic comebacks, 
the girl who would rather be in pants then skirts any day.
the girl who prefers the barn over the mall,
the girl who loves horses, but has no chance to be around them.
the girl that would love to play sports, but hasn't ever played before so she's insecure about her abilities. 
the girl with the wild imagination, almost too wild.
the girl that even though she acts extroverted, is truly an introvert. 
the girl who trusts God,
loves God,
and wants to praise Him all day long in song.
the girl who loves to listen to tenth avenue north, 
sing, play music, write music, and just be around music.
the girl who loves sneakers,
the girl who says stupid things,
the girl who constantly messes up and judges herself for it.
the girl who would rather be in her room reading, writing, and making music any day,
then having to socialize. 
the girl who wishes she lived in a fictional world.
the girl who loves to act, but hates real-life drama.
i'm the girl who hates crushing on boys, 
the girl who could care less if she went to college, 
the girl who wants to make music for a living,
the girl who wants to train horses for life,
the girl who is a mixture of all things weird,
and the girl who loves God.
the girl who's six feet tall,
the girl who is seriously taller then almost everybody she knows,
the girl who stands up straight and loves her height. 
the girl who loves to swim, ride horses, 
do anything horsey,
loves bright colors,
can't cook,
hates to clean,
i'm the girl that would rather be with horses then people any day. 
the quirky, horse loving, tall, extro/introverted, sarcastic, sassy, God loving, music geek. 

yeah, i'm that girl. 


  1. Hello! I don't think I've ever commented before but I want to now. =)
    You and I are a lot alike!!! I am 5'9 and *high five* I love meeting tall girls!!! I always struggled with how tall I am (because people enjoy pointing out how I'm taller then most young ladies), but I'm slowly becoming comfortable with that. Also I love plaid and am guilty of wearing it with my more sporty clothes, but I really don't care what people think.
    And I love Jesus - which is above everything else! ♥

  2. Hey!! *high five* Tall girls forevah! lol :) Yessss! SO many people tell me how tall I am.... :p
    Oh yes. Plaid + Gym shorts.... (love it, but my mom wouldn't let me out of the house.... lol). I'm so glad you're a child of God too! I can't wait to get to know you better!


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