i just don't want to grow up

so i just started high school this year. which means, i just started algebra 1. (UGGGGGH) my mom was trying to explain to me that even if i don't understand why - even if i don't agree with it (obviously not when it comes to moral stuff) i still need to do it :p. seriously, if this is what growing up means. i'm FINE with staying 14. abso-stinkin-lutely fine. 
with that in mind, i'm stubborn. so when i don't get why i have to do something i don't like.... i will fight you tooth and nail, until i don't have to do it. but guess what. i still have to do algebra (apparently it's required.) - (which btw, when do you ever use algebra in the real world?) anyways..... i am coming to the realization that i'm going to have to do many things that i don't agree with in the future. (ughhhh) but i can't be stubborn about it. (okay this is honestly gonna be reallllllyyyy hard for me.) i need to submit to authority, and do math anyways. so here goes. :p


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