the business of busyness

okay, okay. that was a pretty overused title, but hey. it's a really common thing. soooo, why not explore?
the business of busyness with mj. megann, meg, bob, george, eh, whatever you wanna call me.... haha.

so busyness is super common this time of year. with school, extracurricular activities (that's a mouthful), finding time for family, friends, and yourself. ('cause sometimes we just need quiet time...) but most importantly, we as Christians can struggle with finding time for God in the midst of all the other things we have going on.

(okay so hold up. i just wanna make note that God should be the main focus of our day. like all day. every day. it's not going to be easy, but where does it say that it will be? so i'm not trying to segregate our spiritual lives from the rest of our lives they should be like one life interwoven with our main focus being Christ!) 

anyways.... one thing i find that helps some people stay organized through this busy time of year is a schedule or to do list with all the things that must be done that day. for me, that is not the case.

i am one of those people that has none of her ducks in a row. as my youth pastor puts it "my ducks are like 10, 3, 7, 9... not 1, 2, 3, 4..." etc.
for me having a consistent time that i wake up (which i even struggle to keep consistent) helps keep me in check. if i know that i had time yesterday to complete everything i needed done in the same amount of time i have for today, it's easier for me to figure out.
but for some of you that may not work (that's fine!!) - our schedules do change quite frequently.... :p

so find your way that helps you keep organized. whether it's waking up at the same time every day, and getting done everything before bed, (in no specific order) or if it's having your day all planned out before you even wake up. it's up to you! ;)

so some of you are probably wondering she wrote this whole post just to tell us that she has no advice - we have to come up with our own solutions?! okay, so ya. horrible blogger moment. this one's all on you. i can't really decide what's gonna work for all of you, so have fun. haha. i will leave you with a tidbit of advice though - plan your day around God.  no matter what's on your agenda, keep God the focus of it all. (i know a lot easier said then done.) but really, if we all just let God's love, grace, mercy, and all those other wonderful attributes of God (it would seriously take way to long to list them....) envelop us throughout our days it makes our everything else all fall into place. :)

so, comment with what makes you run around and make sure you have everything done by the end of the day! i would love to know what makes your world go round ;)



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