14 years

In a few short hours it will 14 years that God has put on me on this earth. I have been so blessed with coming across and meeting so many wonderful people, and I can't wait to meet more :)
as many of you already know, this past year has been particularly rough since we moved over 850 miles from the only town I've ever lived in. i miss so many people, i can't even begin to explain, but i have been blessed with so many new friends, and getting to meet more of my brothers & sisters in Christ, it has been so special and amazing. looking back on the past 14 years, i've come to realize how blessed i really am. i can't even begin to express how thankful i am to all of you followers for sticking with me these past.... o boy, 5 years! ;) i have had this blog since i was 9, (using my sister's email account....) and so many things have changed, and yet so many things haven't.
thanks to all for the past 5 years, and to those who have known me for all (almost) 14! i raise a toast, of water (or if you are feeling particularly cheery try a juice box ;))... haha, to another well however many years God has me here on this earth. :) 

luv you all!!


  1. Happy 14 years, Megann! I wish you 114 more! <3

    1. Thanks Jordy! Wow... 114? lol, I'm fine with not living until I'm 128.... haha! thanks for the birthday wishes ;)



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