j u l y & a u g u s t

It's hard to believe that August is already here. This past month flew by in a series of crazy, fun filled, exciting events... 
The month started off with me and my sister's best friend R working at a local pony camp, including things like tacking up the horses, teaching kids the different parts of a horse and it's tack, untacking the horses, washing the horses, and well... Eating Popsicles. ;-) 
The next week included me and a group of my close friends working at our church kids camp. I helped with games and had a great time playing with the kiddos, and helping teach them about Christ even in little things like games. 
Then there was a small break of just chillaxin' - nothing too busy. 
The week after that my family took a much needed visit to where we used to live, visiting lots of friends, and getting some much needed R&R. (Well all of us except for my dad who was busy taking a class for his doctorate...) I was able to spend the week at my best friend's house, and spend some much needed quality time with her. It was a very fun, special time. 
The final week of July held one very important event... VBS! One of the duties of the pastoral position my dad has at our church was running VBS, so I got to help setup and decorate the Friday and Saturday before VBS started. I was anxiously waiting the first night of VBS so I was so disappointed when I got a 24 hour stomach bug Sunday night that went into Monday. :( However, I was cleared by Mum to go and help out Tuesday night so I showed up excited, and ready to help. I helped in the 5 year old room and had so much fun. The kiddos were adorable, and everything within VBS was really awesome. 
The very last night of VBS we had a carnival, and I got to co-run the penny drop game. After the carnival the bouncy houses were still running so a bunch of the teens that helped ran over to get our share of fun.  Some of my guy friends, J and A were flipping and doing lots of tricks, while 2 of my gal friends and I decided we'd stick to simple things like... Bouncing. Haha. 
I'm super excited for August, and what the rest of the summer holds for me. 
How has your summer been? What fun things have you done? 

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