be who YOU are

hello, beautiful. yes, you. i think some people may be calling you names, or maybe not giving a rip about the thing you're oh so excited about. i think for some reason someone hurt the beautiful you version, and so you're becoming a somebody else version of yourself. i'm sorry. i want you, beautiful, to know that you're beautiful the way God made you. so please, don't try to be someone else. God loves the you version of you. not the somebody else version.

lets be unique, and not imitation. 
lets be beautiful, inside and out. 
lets be ourselves, not somebody else. 
lets be the person God wants us to be, not the person the world wants us to be. 
lets be us, not them. 
lets be me, and you, our own unique selves, because there's never going to be a you as amazing as you. 

stay strong, beautiful. 
stay yourself, beautiful. 
stay lovely, beautiful. 
stay godly, beautiful. 
stay unique, beautiful. 
because you're gorgeous just the way YOU are. 


  1. That was a very encouraging post... thank you for writing it :)

    1. I'm so beyond glad to hear that, Livvie. I was telling one of my friends today that I write my blog to encourage people, and even if only one person reads it and is encouraged, it's totally worth blogging. So thank you, Livvie, in your own special way you have encouraged me so much tonight.

      stay beautiful darling.



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